5 Best War Strategy Game For Your Great Relaxed Moments

By | May 16, 2023

Since the beginning of PC gaming, the strategy genre has had us immersed in maps, army lists, and build orders. It also happens to be one of the most diversified, appealing to everyone from ardent grognards to those who simply want to watch Gandhi destroy Montezuma.So, in this article, with pubgfact.com, let’s find out some useful information about war strategy game that help you have relaxing moments satisfied with your needs

1. Supremacy 1914 – War strategy game

Supremacy 1914 - War strategy game

Supremacy 1914 – War strategy game

Interested in ruling over the world’s countries as they fight one of the biggest conflicts in military history? If so, you ought to give Supremacy 1914 a try. In this massively multiplayer online strategy game, you and up to 499 other players control various nations as you play through the First World War, but events don’t always have to go according to plan.

Each game takes a very long time to complete, as you could expect. You’ll experience a lot of variation because there are so many different playable countries (each with its own distinct assortment of resources accessible). The attention to detail that each country puts into its towns and troops will appeal to history aficionados as well.

2. Crusader Kings 3 – War strategy game

Speaking of a violent grand strategy game parody. Only time will tell if this dynasty-spanning, emergent-storytelling successor captures the throne of Crusader Kings 2, which is now available for free to play, but it has definitely begun its reign with regal excellence.

The once confusing interface of the game has been completely redesigned in Crusader Kings 3, making it a welcoming option for novice players while yet maintaining a lot of the complexity the franchise is known for. The core of Crusader Kings 3 resides in its unique, sometimes funny narratives, despite the game’s classic grand strategy map-painting aesthetic and extensive war-waging tools.

Will you cling to power via force of arms, cash, sway from the church, diplomacy, or deceit? Each character you may control has a distinct personality and lifestyle focus, and each member of your dynasty will influence their empire—for better or worse—before passing it on to the person after them. It’s a game where clandestine schemes between individuals are just as significant as international conflicts.

3. XCOM 2 – War strategy game

XCOM 2 - War strategy game

XCOM 2 – War strategy game

The violent conflict, the motley crew of heroes, the cunning aliens, and the tactically precise combat are all taken from the series’ greatest episodes so far, and improvement after improvement is added.

It’s debatable if the War of the Chosen expansion is inherently superior, however there are many great XCOM 2 mods that may raise the bar for the base game. Both provide unique yet gratifying experiences. There is also a ton of more XCOM 2 DLC available.

The largest modifications are located on the strategic layer, despite the fact that the battles are difficult and diverse and filled with horrifying foes that possess cunning, surprise talents. It is fascinating rather than an afterthought that you will traverse the globe to establish cells, infiltrate black sites, and search for additional resources in order to field more potent weapons and technologies.

4. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak – War strategy game

With Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Blackbird Interactive accomplished what seemed impossible. The goal is to recreate the elegant, understated space battles from the original Homeworld games on a single planet, creating one of the finest strategy games in the process. It works really well somehow.

In order to preserve a civilization, you must travel over a huge desert. Every battle has a connection to both the previous and next ones. In a never-ending struggle for survival, every unit that escapes will live to fight yet another day on another mission.

Kharak is a magnificent planet-sized battleground that achieves for the ground what the early space games accomplished for the sky, despite being a huge desert. The dunes provide as cover, hiding places, and high ground from which you may launch deadly attacks, replicating the three-dimensional fights of the earlier games.

You can snap stunning pictures of Homeworld because, like its forerunners, the game has some of the greatest visual design an RTS could ask for. The compelling storyline and outstanding sound design make Deserts of Kharak a classic.

5. Civilization 6 – War strategy game

Civilization 6 - War strategy game

Civilization 6 – War strategy game

Whether Civ 5 or Civ 6 is the superior contemporary Civilization game is a topic of much discussion. But now that the Gathering Storm expansion has been released, the sixth game in the series can proudly claim its place as a noteworthy strategic title.

Civilization 6 includes many additional mechanisms to make the world around you come to life, while still embodying the concept of “one more turn” that makes these sorts of games so addicting. You must consider how you are affecting the globe and strive for your objectives, which can be many and varied, rather than merely schmoozing this civ or waging war on that civ.

With Civilization 6, there is a lot to explore, whether it be the sizable quantity of DLC or the diverse and inventive selection of modifications. The long-running strategy series’ future appears promising with the release of the seventh Civ game.


I hope you found the information of this article about War strategy game useful. If you are interested in similar topics, you can also refer to the article PUBG Zombie Mode: Rules, Tips, and Strategies for Surviving the Undead. Wish you have moments of relaxation with lots of fun!


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