List of 5 best mobile war game you must-try

By | June 20, 2023

There are excellent war games available outside of the PC. Many of the top mobile war game are hidden jewels that adapt both historical and contemporary battles as well as those from the ancient past. Any of the games on this list demonstrate how vibrant and dynamic the genre of war gaming is today.

With the aid of cutting-edge swamp-draining technology, Our were able to assemble a top-notch team of some of the top mobile war games now accessible on Android and iOS. Check out our list of the top portable gaming consoles for the most recent and greatest if you’re trying to improve your on-the-go gaming experience.

World War II – mobile war game

A mobile war game called World War II employs the same type of premise as Supremacy 1914, with the exception that, as you might have guessed, it concentrates on the Second World War rather than the First. Whichever you choose will mostly depend on the historical period you are most interested in. This is obviously crammed with information that will interest readers who are familiar with World War II military history.

World War II - mobile war game

World War II – mobile war game

You may pick from 10 different countries to play as, and you can then control how that country conducts itself during the conflict. A single game may stretch for weeks or even months (exactly like Supremacy 1914), so you’ll quickly find yourself getting completely engrossed in it and impatient to finish work or school so you can check how things are going.


In the alternate-history mobile war game Warpath, you control a range of air and ground troops over well-known battlegrounds including the Eastern Front and the beaches of Normandy. Starting off with just a tiny militia, you’ll quickly increase the number and might of your army in an effort to defeat the fearsome Raven group. Take a look at our collection of Warpath codes for some free gifts if you’re just getting started.

Pacific Fire

A true independent treasure to add to our list of mobile war game was happily given to us in 2019. Sincerely fresh additions into this area are few. A inexpensive but surprisingly in-depth combined weapons battle game called Wirraway’s Pacific Fire immerses you in the Pacific theater of World battle 2. It’s your responsibility to deploy the land, sea, and air forces you have at your disposal to the best of your ability in order to seize and secure your objectives. There are several scenarios available that depict both sides of the fight.

Although this is a solitaire game, the creator has repeatedly reaffirmed its commitment to adding material to it and creating other games using the same structure. This employs a ‘WEGO’ turn-based style where all turn orders are resolved simultaneously, which makes it highly fascinating. This fantastic battle game is inexpensive and readily accessible. For additional information, see our review of Pacific Fire.

Pacific Fire

Pacific Fire

Heroes of Normandie

This is not just a fairly good version of the same-named physical mobile war game, but it also stands alone as a pretty good war game. Heroes of Normandie was inspired by traditional hex-and-counter games, but it employed a square grid and more ‘to size’ counter pieces that represented squads of soldiers, vehicles, and specific commanders. In reality, it’s a squad-level tactics game that makes careful use of your soldiers’ skills and the environment around them in addition to die rolls and action cards.

Slitherine done a fantastic job in converting this game to digital form, keeping the game’s oversized artwork for the board and playing pieces while providing a method to play without having to try to understand the complicated rules or deal with all of those parts.

Although digital board game conversions are becoming increasingly popular, Slitherine may have been a bit ahead of the curve when it released this in 2016. This is because the game hasn’t exactly received the post-release support we’d anticipate. It’s one of the more costly games available at $14.99 (£12.50), but if you want something substantial but portable, this is priceless. Unfortunately, Slitherine has never been an Android fan, so we highly doubt it will ever be there.

John Tiller’s Civil War Battles

There are a ton of Civil War mobile war game available on different marketplaces, and most of them are total time wasters from the standpoint of war gaming. The JTS Civil War Battles series, on the other hand, does offer a strategically sound game with a robust order of battle, supported by good fighting mechanics.

Similar to Modern Campaigns, the underlying technology is outdated, and the simulation of the command experience as a whole lacks authenticity. A better hard-core tactical War Game won’t be easy to find, and with 11 games in the series, you’ll have plenty of options. It’s crucial to keep in mind that, unlike the Modern Campaign games, not all of these installments have yet been made available on Android:

  • Civil War Battles
  • The Battle of Antietam
  • The Battle of Shiloh
  • Battles in the Ozark
  • The Battle of Chancellorsville
  • The Battle of Chickamauga
  • The Battle of Corinth
  • The Petersburg Campaign
  • The Battle of Atlanta
  • The Battles of the Peninsula
  • The Battle of Franklin
John Tiller’s Civil War Battles

John Tiller’s Civil War Battles

In addition to the mobile war game mentioned above, JTS has also released several of its Panzer Campaigns as well as an air warfare and a naval warfare game. JTS games are more prevalent on iOS than Android. All are worthwhile visits, and some are even costless! If you’re looking for something else than war games, make sure to look at our selection of the greatest mobile strategy games.

Hopefully through the article List of 5 best mobile war game you must-try by you will have an objective comparison and choose suitable options.

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