PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Game Guide

PUBG Mobile Best Military Base Game Guide
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One of the most inhabited regions on the map in PUBG mobile is the military base game installation. Because the military base has the best odds of having level 3 armor, medkits, and quality weaponry, many players choose to land there. If you decide to land in the military base, it may be challenging to combat other players and escape alive due to its popularity. Fortunately, by employing a few methods, you can frequently battle your way through the military installation, gather some useful treasure, and then escape unharmed. We provide some of the most useful advice on how to live on the military base game when you go there in this article by

Tips for landing in the military base game in PUBG Mobile

You need to practice your landing first, though. When landing successfully at a military base game—or any other densely populated region, for that matter—there are two key components. You must first arrive at your ideal landing speed and distance. Make sure you’re no farther than 2 tiles from the military installation before you proceed. You must glance directly down once you are within two tiles.
Tips for landing in the military base game in PUBG Mobile
Tips for landing in the military base game in PUBG Mobile
You can achieve 234 km/h if you gaze downward for a sufficient amount of time. You’ll drop your parachute and touch the ground earlier than other players if you move at this speed. It’s crucial that you hit the sweet spot of 234 km/h. The next step towards a safe landing is to have your parachute deploy. At this point, you must pay special attention to where other players land. Pick a location where there are the fewest players present. Go to another building in the military complex and land there if your favored one is overrun by players. As a result, you can securely pilfer weapons and equipment before running back to your building to defeat the intruders. The military base’s outer buildings are the greatest to plunder because they still provide fantastic loot but are frequently less frequented by other players. Here’s an overview:
  • Make sure you land two tiles or less from the military base game.
  • When you are within two tiles of reaching 234 km/h, look straight down.
  • Steer clear of contentious structures. Find a less visible building on the periphery as an alternative.

Fighting other players in the military base game

Finding a useful weapon is the next step after landing in the military facility. If you’ve followed the preceding instructions, you shouldn’t encounter any resistance while doing this. You should pick a weapon that works well in both broad spaces and confined spaces because the military base game is made up of a combination of both. Here, an assault rifle is unquestionably the best choice. Once you’ve located your first weapon, you may carry on with your looting. Regarding the other players, don’t worry just yet. If you let them fight, you’ll give yourself a better chance of eliminating the remaining players once you’ve plundered everything.
Fighting other players in the military base game
Fighting other players in the military base game
While looting, it’s probable that you’ll run into a few other gamers. Make sure your sound is loud enough so that you can hear footsteps if you don’t want to get murdered. You will have a better chance of surviving if you remain vigilant at all times. If you’re inside, you’ll often be able to get ready as soon as you hear footfall. When you’re outside, you put yourself at danger of being shot by inaudible or invisible players. You should spend as little time outside as possible because of this. Here’s an overview:
  • Before getting into any conflicts, search for an assault rifle.
  • To prevent getting shot by individuals you can’t confront, try to stay indoors.
  • So that you can plainly hear footsteps, turn up your sound.
  • Stay alert at all times.

Surviving the military base game

You ought to have been looting most of the time up until this point. Initially concentrating on plundering allows you to benefit from two things: Compared to the players that immediately entered a firefight, you are preparing yourself and gaining superior equipment. Fighting players will gradually perish, making it simpler to escape the military base game. Planning your getaway comes next if you’re satisfied with the quantity of equipment you have. You’ll need to ask some questions to yourself.
Surviving the military base game
Surviving the military base game

Is the safe area in the military base?

You could think about establishing up and waiting for opponents to approach you if it appears that the secure region on the military base game island will come to an end. Instead of a building inside the military complex, try to find one nearby. In the later levels of the game, being in the military base game is usually something similar to being in a bowl. Players will descend down the slopes on each side, and if you are in the heart of the military installation, you will be plainly seen. hope you will collect good guides through the above article: PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Game Guide.

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