What are the clan war game? Best War of clan vikings!

By | July 11, 2023
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Here is an article about What are the clan war game? Best War of clan vikings! by pubgfact.com, let’s explore with us!

What are the clan war game? How to participate in them?

Clan War is a common pastime open to clans and their members. Tasks for each clan: seize territory held by hostile tribes, capture territory overrun with undead. On a war map, each type of territory is shown by the corresponding color: green — PvE battles: zombie-infested places, orange — PvP battles: areas that the members of the opposing clan are defending. Both kinds of places need to be taken. The two objectives of the orange-marked areas are as follows: if taken by your clan, to be defended (see Preparation Phase for information), to be retaken if it was taken by your adversary (see Attack Phase for more information).
What are the clan war game How to participate in them

What are the clan war game How to participate in them

The amount of a clan’s players that have registered to the clan war game will determine which clans can participate.  clan war game must achieve or surpass the necessary minimum. Weekly Clan Wars occur. It is split into two parts: the Phase of Preparation the Phase of Attack PREPARATION PHASE A player chooses whether or not he wants to take part in the clan war game during the preparation phase. To register in advance, you must: assemble two teams from your heroes (each team may have a maximum of two characters for a total of four heroes), Each hero must have at least one weapon equipped in order to engage in the clan war game. the “Participate in the War” button simply click “Deploy Defenders” Pick a spot on the map that each side will defend (such spots are shown by an orange symbol). You now only need to wait for the clan war game to begin. Remember that each guarded region (highlighted in orange) may only have a specific number of defensive teams left there by a clan. For instance, on some of the territories, three teams (up to six heroes) may be left, but on others, five teams (up to ten heroes) may be left. The system will pick the location of a player’s heroes at the start of the Clan War if they registered for the Clan War but failed to do so in time. A player may choose not to take part in the clan war game after initially registering for it. To do it, select “Resign from the War” from the Clan War menu’s Preparation Phase. ATTACK PHASE Three times every week during the Attack Phase, the actual Clan Wars take place:
  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Each Attack Phase is 24 hours long.
Not only are the heroes protecting the areas they were assigned to during the Preparation Phase. You use the same heroes to occupy the following places: being guarded by the opposing clan (PvP combat, shown on the map by the orange symbols), or being overrun by zombies (PvE engagements, indicated on the map by the green icons). When the territories are being taken, each section of the map is revealed. The remainder of the map won’t be accessible until you and your tribe have taken control of the already-captured places. LEAGUES When a clan engages in a Clan War, they each receive War Points. The clan advances to the next league after they reach a particular number of points. Players in each league receive incentives for one of the following:
  • a draw
  • a defeat
  • a victory
War Trophies are awarded to players. They are used in the Clan Shop. You may find: under the Leagues menu. leaderboards featuring elite players, a list of all the leagues, together with details on all the prizes offered by each league.

Welcome to vikings: clan war game !

Welcome to vikings clan war game !

Welcome to vikings clan war game !

It’s time to lead a Viking invasion, so let your beard grow wild, polish your axe, and take that horned helmet out of storage. Become the most powerful and feared Jarl in the entire North by using the force of a merciless Viking army to plunder towns and regions in search of resources. Try out Vikings: War of Clans right now! Vikings: War of Clans is now playable globally on web browsers following its extraordinary popularity on mobile devices! A fantastic Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game, Vikings: clan war game transports players to the bleak Northern wastes where Viking warlords battle for control of every valuable square mile.

Start your strategy

Vikings: Since clan war game is a real-time strategy game, your sole option for ascending the ranks is to use your strategic acumen. Yes, you may use force and sheer numbers to overwhelm your adversaries and hurl all you have at their gates in an effort to overpower them, but other Jarls will rapidly learn to predict such mindless onslaught and easily reject them. You must come up with your own special fighting tactics if you want to make your opponents fear your every move.

Become a warrior

You must be devoted to your troops and the lands you control as the Jarl of your town. It is your responsibility to create and master your own unique wartime techniques, rely on diplomatic approaches during times of peace, and take whatever steps are necessary to maintain the prosperity of your army and Town. Do you possess the necessary skills to vanquish your adversaries, expel them from your territory, and rise to genuine greatness? Nobody knows the sweetness of triumph like those who have tasted it. Take part in ferocious PvE and PvP combat to earn prizes beyond your wildest expectations. Raid towns, wipe off roving bands of invaders, or seize valuable resources to gain respect from the Northern Clans. learn various warfare tactics, and you’ll quickly become the Jarl in the North who is most dreaded.
Become a warrior

Become a warrior

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